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5 Web Design Trends for 2022


Predictions are self-fulfilling. Here are five web designing predictions that may create a positive impact in the year 2022. However, it is difficult to say whether all these predictions will become true or not.

Let’s look at the web designing predictions now

Playfulness and Positivity

Right now, you may encounter a lot of sad news from around the world. Therefore, it is better not to be dull with your designs also. Leaving the geometric and corporate sans-serif design, invest time in something new and interesting. Let’s just add some personality and gradient to the web design to make things playful.

If you stick to the old web design choices, you can still make away with it. However, designers and developers are making an effort over the last few years to test different things for accessibility. Thanks to the designers, you can see some inclusive design now so that you do not have to rely on a common denominator.

Go Green

Green is an exciting colour. It has a similar visual weight to the blue colour. But, it is more flexible and yet to become dated. In digital designs, green is not been fully utilised till now. The colour green is often associated with the environment. Due to this reason whenever corporate tries to emphasise that they are ethical, they usually resort to green.

Earthy tones are indeed popular. On the other hand, neons are quite popular too. However, green can reflect both calmness and energy. If you are trying to explore colour in 2022, it is better to go with green.

The Arrival of Blockchain

Blockchains are the foundation of the cryptocurrency industry. It is a data set that can be added easily. But, it is not possible to edit or delete them. You can look at it as a control version of data.

Like any other technology, it is also going to bring you money in the first wave. There is also no doubt in the fact that blockchain and cryptocurrency are exciting development due to their transformative approach. For example, you can now store medical records in blockchains.

If you imagine, the internet is a set of data that can be edited and accessed freely from anywhere you want. There is no need to look through millions of sites as you can use a secure and autonomous source with the introduction of this new technology.

Hero Your Text

Through a picture, you can say thousands of words. However, it is not sure whether it can translate the message accurately. Sites are relying on the stock images more lately. Therefore, you may not get the intended message at all.

A well-chosen word may be worth more than images as hero pictures take the back seat to make a way for hero text. It can be aided by minor trends such as looking beyond the sans serif typography to express diverse forms.


In the last couple of years, brands are trying to connect with nature. The complexity of nature also makes it engaging. Gradients are becoming popular, and you may not find any flat colours in nature. However, the next step is going to be the addition of noise.

In terms of visuals, noise refers to the grainy texture that looks beautiful with the vector illustrations. The trend of noise has dipped as it increases the file size. However, it is coming back as a trend once again. So, you can look out for it.