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5 Best CRM for Website Creation


About 64 million people have been using the content management system or CMS. Through CMS, you can create a website and manage the content also. However, using the wrong CMS platform is going to make things difficult. To find the best CMS platform for creating a website, you must look at the benefits and features of different content management systems.

But first, let’s know what CMS is

What is CMS?

CMS is a software application that offers a basic infrastructure for creating websites. The front-end part of website building is possible with CMS. Website design can be customized or content can be managed using the software. Multiple types of content management systems are available and they are:

• Open-source CMS
• Cloud CMS
• Proprietary CMS

Best CMS Platform for Website


42% of the websites utilize WordPress making it the most used CMS platform. Due to scalability and flexibility, WordPress is considered to be open-source software. There is more than 58,000 plug-ins in the WordPress gallery to help in website creation.


• Flexible cost according to individual needs and budgets.
• Customise free WordPress Themes and Plugins.

Best For:

From creating a simple blog site to a complex site, you can use WordPress.

Key Features:

User Management: Different user types such as administrators, contributors, authors, and contributors can be accessed.
Media Management: Including captions and alt text while inserting images for improving SEO.
Built-in comments: Visitors can comment on posts and pages.


2% of all websites are created with Joomla. The core software of Joomla allows utilizing more functionality such as multilingual features. However, it may be difficult for the non-technical user to set it up.


• A site with hundred sub-pages can be managed.
• Avoid break-ins with 2-factor authentication.

Best for:

Joomla is the best option for creating a professional website. And, it can be managed by several people.

Key Features:

Banner management tool: Advertising campaign created to monetize the website.
Multilingual Website: 70 languages available for platform core software.
Search: Built-in-search helps find appropriate information.


Drupal is the best CMS for professional web developers. API architecture is flexible and supports diverse digital platforms. The built-in feature of Drupal offers security and better performance in comparison to WordPress and Joomla. Drupal gets higher web traffic without any doubt.


• Less chance of security threat.
• Site functionality is improved through built-in modules.

Best For:

For advanced users, it is a great platform as it offers a lot of technical knowledge for the creation of large-scale complex sites.

Key Features:

Multilingual: 100+ language translation support.
Personalisation: Ensures a customized experience for the customer.


For an eCommerce website, Magento is the best option. Customization, security, and SEO are focused upon with the help of this CMS platform. The platform is good enough to feature a high amount of products.


• Different currencies and languages are used for various stores in different locations.
• Content Management systems are mobile-friendly.

Best For:

Magento is the perfect platform for medium and large-scale eCommerce websites.

Key Features:

Checkout: Wordplay and Cybersource guarantees a secure payment gateway.
Touch-friendly features: Touch-sensitive back-end admin dashboard makes it easy to edit.
Catalog Management: Virtual showcasing of products using an inventory management system.


Wix is a beginner-friendly CMS that helps to create a cool-looking website. Drag-and-drop editor assists in easy customization. By choosing a part, you can start editing it.


• 500+ website templates
• Professional designing options
• Responsive templates
• Great for desktops and laptops

Best For:

If you are a beginner, you should try using this CMS.

Key Features:

• Multiple apps can be integrated for new features.
• Privy integration for pop-up, email marketing, and SMS automation.

Looking at these options for the best CMS, choose one that fulfills your requirement.