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5 Reasons Why Should You Use Email Marketing

Some business owners are concerned about the effectiveness of email marketing. But, we can tell you that it is still relevant for online marketing. According to the 40% B2B marketers, an email newsletter is important for the success of content marketing. Most of the consumers like communications from a business to come through email. Consumers check their mails every day. It is better not to ignore statistics and create a strong email marketing strategy. Here’s why it is important to use email marketing.

1. Generating Personalised Content Customisation of content is possible with email marketing using targeted content. It can be as simple as adding the contact name. If an email contains the recipient’s first name, it enjoys a high click rate. By segmenting the type of customers into first-time and returning ones, you can send personalised content. To add variation, you can use different pictures and subject lines enhancing the engagement level. A location-based customer list is also a great way of segmenting emails. For email marketing success, you have to send a precise email to a person at the right moment. On the occasion, personalisation and segmentation can help.

2. Organising Surveys and Gathering Feedback You need to know what your customer thinks about your product to engage and interact with them further. It also makes sure they continue to purchase from the brand. Email marketing can come to your benefit here as you can get feedback and conduct surveys through mails. For Net Promoter Score, you can use email. The number of customers acting as brand ambassadors and detractors can help calculate the score. By using the collected data, you can improve the customer experience.

3. Increasing Sales Email marketing is a part of an online marketing tool that helps enhance sales. Email becomes a great source of ROI for businesses through the use of segmented campaigns. An increase in revenue can happen up to 760%. During a campaign, you can encourage customers to purchase products or avail services after they abandon their cart through special offers.

From surveys, it has become clear that email also helps in making a purchase decision. Message through email can influence them to go ahead with a product.

4. Interacting with Target Audience Business owners must try to enhance their communication with potential customers. If customers feel confident to interact with you, they will become loyal to the brand. People always welcome good mail from a brand. Email marketing allows you to reach more target audiences. Engagement through email is possible year-round. It does not matter whether it is a busy or slow season.

5. Directing Traffic towards Your site If you create content, you like your audience to know about it. Through email, you can send a notification to the customer. Email marketing directs the customer to your website generating traffic and improving SEO performance. During the creation of an email, you must remember to add a call to action button (CTA) so the customer can click on them to reach your site. Email Marketing is one of the best ways to communicate with your targeted audience. It can enhance sales and leads. So, you must utilise it for your business.