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5 Tips for Choosing Content Marketing Topics

Don’t know what kind of content you should create for promoting your brand? How can you pick content marketing topics? It is hard to find new and unique ideas constantly. Don’t be frustrated – we have a solution for you. When you run out of ideas, you should take some time off to think. By re-evaluating your content marketing strategy, you can proceed to work on future projects.

How Content Marketing Strategy can Help You Choose Relevant Topics For Your Brand?

Content marketing strategy can be your guide when it comes to choosing topics. On the occasion, you must ask yourself:

• Why should you create the content?

• Who is your target audience?

• Which is your preferred promotional channel?

• How the content can support your marketing strategy?

According to the report, 69% of the successful B2B marketers document their content marketing strategy. So, the documentation of the strategy can be linked with the campaign’s success. It also means that ‘failing to plan equates to ‘planning to fail’ as far as content marketing is concerned.

Now, here are the 5 tips to pick the right topics for ensuring a successful content marketing strategy.

1. Recognize Your Organisational Goals

By choosing a perfect topic, you can set your organizational goal and start writing content with a strong foundation. Content strategy can help you reach brand goals easily. In the beginning, you must ask yourself what you are planning to achieve. Most companies look for generating leads, create brand awareness, and enhance engagement. Different kinds of content such as blogs, articles, eBooks, and social media posts can help achieve your goal.

2. Know Your Audience

If you ask your target audience, you can get some idea about the right topic for your content marketing strategy. Since your audience is the one interacting with the content, it is important to know what kind of content they like. There are various ways to learn about the mind of your audience. By conversing with them on social media, you can leave space for a detailed reply. However, you can also use FAQs to know what the queries of your target audience have. It can be a great way to choose the right topic. With the passing of time, issues and concerns may change that require answering.

3. Utilize Analytics Data

Review your organizational goal for content marketing strategy and use your analytical data to determine what is capturing your audience’s interest. Based on analytics, you can decide content marketing strategy. Look at the content topics, pick a performing one and do a spin over it, or you can expand the topic further. It is better not to use a topic that has been used already. Keeping in mind about above matters, you can choose winning content that can resonate with the audience. By collecting both insights and analytics from social media, you can take an informed decision while coming up with an idea. By identifying the top article, you can look for a common thread. Also, you can look at the engagement level.

4. Digital Marketing Goal for Content

Creating a piece of content, you must evaluate it to know how it matches up with your organizational goals. It can also help you to pick the perfect key performance indicator (KPI) to track and measure everything, In case, lead generation is your top priority, the content should try to engage customers in their buying journey. It is better to create blog posts focusing on awareness and promotion. If selling your product is the organizational goal, you must create content that helps increase sales.

5. Stay Prepared for Challenges

Compelling and relevant content are not easy to find from a wide variety of topics available. When you like your content to stand out among others, you should be ready to take on challenges and overcome them.


Strategic thinking is necessary for creating a content marketing strategy and selecting a perfect topic. It is important to know what platform works best for your content. First, you should document your content marketing strategy. However, you should be ready to tweak it if required as the content trend evolves. Selecting the right topic is great to drive and develop your content marketing strategy.