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8 Tips for Effective Banner Design to Run your Marketing Campaign

Banner advertising is showing promise as an online marketing strategy. Therefore, every company has been using this strategy whether it is big or small to ensure online visibility. It is a marketing strategy that can attract customers to the landing page or website of the brand.

If a banner campaign is well designed, it can enhance brand value and brand awareness. The traffic to your website can increase at the same time. A banner helps to transform the traffic into your esteemed customer.

Here are a few tips that you can follow for creating an impeccable banner design.

1.Identify Your Purpose

During banner design, you have to be clear regarding your purpose. It is important to know the reason behind creating a banner and what is the end goal. Banner has the power to alter people’s perception of the brand. Businesses have been using this method for highlighting a new product or service.

2. Create a Banner that Standout

Completing a banner, you must search for a perfect location to post it. Social media platforms are the best location to post these banners. However, you need to choose a social media channel depending on your target audience. Plus, it has to be eye-catching at the same time. Prospective customers must look at your banner first rather than viewing others.

3.Select the Colour Sensibly

A brand must utilise colour to create an identity for the company in front of prospective customers. Colours can help to highlight the brand message. It may change people’s perception of a product or a brand in a mere few seconds. The type of product or service plays an important role when you are choosing a brand colour. In this way, viewers may develop affection for the brand.

4.Utilise High-Quality Images

Photographs, illustrations and graphics used in the banner make it appear attractive. Striking images are a great way to improve the quality of the banner. You should never use a low-quality image when printing an image as it may appear blurry and grainy. The use of high-quality images will make your banner appear sharp and clear when you enlarge them.

5. Readable Text

A good banner design includes quality images and text. If you stand further away from a banner, it may look clear. As a result, your banner text will be readable at the same time.

6. Incorporate Animation

In comparison to the normal banner, animated banners are effective. It helps to gain the viewer’s attention. Therefore, experts suggest you include cartoons and figures in the illustrations if possible.

7. Make it Simple

The banner has to be attractive and simple. It is better not to include too many images or elements in the same banner. Text, content and other element cover most of the banner. By adding different elements to the banner, you should not make it appear unpleasant.

8. Keep Your Call-to-Action Clear

Call-to-action button should be in the right place and highlighted in bold. Make sure your customers can view the button and take the desired action. A clear call-to-action button helps to enhance the click-through rate and reduce the chances of encountering issues with the customer.