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Why Should You Consider Using Progressive Web Apps for Your Business

Don’t know what to choose between a website and an app for your business? For those who are confused, a progressive web app can be a divine blessing. More people are showing interest in-app as it is convenient to use. However, few businesses are solely relying on the website for creating an online presence. Both apps and websites come with their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, businesses must look for something that offers the best from both worlds. And, it is the reason why progressive web application has come to the forefront.

What is Progressive Web App?

A progressive web app bridges the gap between mobile and web apps. It uses a collection of design concepts, technologies and web APIS’s ensuring an experience similar to an app for the customer. Delivering a similar experience to a native app, it makes harder for the customer to distinguish it from a web app. These apps can be made part of your mobile home screen easily which helps to open them offline. Due to the presence of progressive web apps, it has become easier for businesses to offer excellent UI. Same time, by advertising products and services, they can reach out to more customers.

Why Progressive Web App is a Great Choice

No Need to Use an App Store Targeted customers do not have to visit a Playstore or iStore to get a progressive web application. They can get it easily through their browser. Based on the mobile operating system, you can get a notification to install a progressive web application or PWA on your iOS or Android device. However, you may have to do everything manually with an iOS device.

Use Offline
One of the biggest benefits of using a progressive web app is that you can use it offline. Data is saved in the cache by the browser for later use. It is possible to fill out forms and submit queries when offline. There is no need for reconnecting to view and save content. Updates On the both user’s and developer’s end, it updates automatically on the contrary to the native app.
Easy to Access
Due to the lightweight nature of PWA, it loads faster even if you are using a slow network. Therefore, you can use them in any part of the world.

Developing a progressive web application is easier and less expensive in comparison to a native mobile app. From a PWA, you can get cross-platform service.

According to the statistics, PWA offers a higher ROI. It enhances the conversion rate of your business too. Data reveals Twitter Lite, which is a PWA version of Twitter enjoy an increase of 75% when it comes to a tweet. Same time, the bounce rate reduces by 20%. Following to conversion of Pinterest from a mobile site to PWA, it has noticed a 60% enhancement in conversion. Therefore, you can see that PWA has become a game-changer for businesses. It is better to use PWA if you want to increase in conversation. Skilled and experienced professionals can develop a progressive web application for your business.