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Apr 08
Friday, Apr 08, 2022 , proclivity

Impacts of a Website on Your Business

According to the data, 81% of the customers conduct online research before buying a product from the market. So, a website plays a significant role in business promotion. It is difficult for the customer to choose your product or service if they do not know about them adequately. Followings are some of the benefits of […]

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Mar 21
Monday, Mar 21, 2022 , proclivity

5 Reasons Why Should You Use Email Marketing

Some business owners are concerned about the effectiveness of email marketing. But, we can tell you that it is still relevant for online marketing. According to the 40% B2B marketers, an email newsletter is important for the success of content marketing. Most of the consumers like communications from a business to come through email. Consumers […]

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Mar 09
Wednesday, Mar 09, 2022 , proclivity

Why Should You Consider Using Progressive Web Apps for Your Business

Don’t know what to choose between a website and an app for your business? For those who are confused, a progressive web app can be a divine blessing. More people are showing interest in-app as it is convenient to use. However, few businesses are solely relying on the website for creating an online presence. Both […]

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Feb 26
Saturday, Feb 26, 2022 , proclivity

Importance of Using Google Ads for Your Business

The world of marketing has changed over the years and, Google Ads is the prime force behind this transformation. Google Ads is recognised with the name Google Adwords. It uses a Pay-Per-Click platform that allows marketers and business owners to advertise their products or services effectively online. In this platform, you can observe more than […]

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Feb 19
Saturday, Feb 19, 2022 , proclivity

3 Reasons to Use Mobile App over Website

The number of mobile users is far more than desktop users right now. Over time, some businesses are gearing towards mobile channels to attract new customers. However, it may not be enough. It has become necessary for every business to use a mobile app and optimize it. User-friendly websites and apps help to increase the […]

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Feb 11
Friday, Feb 11, 2022 , proclivity

How to Make Your Website More Scannable

Time has become a valuable commodity. People may not like to waste too much of it. Due to this reason, a visitor to a webpage may read only 20% of its content. Now, web designers and developers have to think about how to make the website more engaging to the visitor. In addition, it is […]

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Feb 03
Thursday, Feb 03, 2022 , proclivity

3 Social Media Statistics That Show you are on the Right Track

Social media is evolving rapidly. Therefore, social media marketing strategies are changing too. Consumers from different generations interact on social media platforms in different ways. Through this post, you can get an idea of how your target audience is utilizing social media. The behaviour of customers can help you decide the right social media marketing […]

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Jan 25
Tuesday, Jan 25, 2022 , proclivity

Top 5 Web Design Trends That Will Make Your Website Stand Out in 2022

Website is the best way to catch the attention of your consumer. There is huge competition in the market. Therefore, it is not going to be an easy task. In this tumultuous time, embracing nostalgia is a good way to soothe and comfort your consumer. Designers are rethinking the norms to push others to follow […]

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Mar 12
Thursday, Mar 12, 2020 , proclivity

Benefits of Digital Marketing

Important things that you should know about digital marketing Today the small, medium and big companies are using the different strategy of digital marketing to rank their company on the top page of the Google search engine. This helps the company to attract the audiences and reach out to the customers in a simple and […]

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Mar 12
Thursday, Mar 12, 2020 , proclivity

Why does your business needs and online presence?

According to Google, 97% of customers do online research in order to find a company which is selling the same kind of products and services that they are looking for. And with the growing competition, it becomes tough for business owners to reach out to potential customers through traditional methods. Today applying the digital marketing […]

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